Planners, designers, builders and others with an interest in the built environment and community design  and their impact on the health and vibrancy of our towns and neighborhoods make up our membership.

Members may be companies, individuals, towns, or other organizations.

This diversity in Plan NH brings a unique variety of views and perspectives to our approach to shaping the built environment here in the Granite State.

Why should you become a Plan NH Member?

• The most frequent reason named for becoming a member is that Plan NH offers many business development and networking opportunities that are cross-disciplinary, yet all with a focus on sustainable planning, design and/or development. It is a very open and sharing environment.

• Plan NH has a Vision of a New Hampshire that is vibrant and healthy for its people, its economies and the environment. As a Member you will be part of a community  -  a "village" - of people working to achieve that vision, each in their own way.

• Plan NH is a non-profit organization that requires a solid financial foundation for the infrastructure that is critical for developing and implementing programs to carry out the mission. For this we rely on our earnings from membership, donations and other fundraising. Your membership would contribute to that support, and demonstrate your belief in our mission and work.

Membership benefits include

• members-only newsletters

• discounts to forums, After Hours and other events

• member-only opportunities such as your press releases or announcements on the Plan NH website

• your name or company name is listed on our member roster on our website, demonstrating your commitment to the health and vibrancy of communities through sustainable planning, design and development of the built environment.


or download the information and form here:

Plan NH Membership Dues Structure and Registration form 2020

Plan NH Members (click on bolded names for links to their websites):

  • AECm
  • AIA-NH
  • AIS
  • Allen, Tim
  • Allen & Major Associates, Inc.
  • Ames and Gough
  • Arnett Development Group LLC
  • August Consulting
  • Banwell Architects
  • Barrington, Town of
  • Bedford, Town of
  • Bristol, Town of
  • CJ Architects
  • Castagna Consulting Group, LLC
  • Christopher Williams Architects
  • Cobb Hill Construction
  • Concord, City of
  • Cormack Construction Management
  • Credere Associates
  • Cross Insurance (Manchester)
  • Croteau Consulting Agency
  • Cushing, Andrew
  • Daniel V. Scully Architect
  • Dover, City Of
  • Drouin Associates
  • Dubay Group, The
  • Eckman Construction
  • Engelberth Construction
  • Fulcrum Associates, Inc.
  • Fuss & O'Neill
  • Goffstown, Town of
  • Greenman-Pedersen
  • HEB Engineers
  • HL Turner Group
  • Hamilton, Bruce R.
  • Harvey Construction
  • Hinckley Allen
  • Ironwood Design Group
  • JSA Inc.
  • John Turner Consulting (JTC)
  • KS Landscape Architecture
  • Kimball
  • Landry French Construction
  • Lavallee Brensinger
  • Lincoln, Town of
  • MAKE Architects
  • Meridian Construction
  • Milestone Engineering and Construction
  • Moultonborough, Town of
  • Nancy Carlisle Interior Plantings
  • New Hampshire Housing
  • Nobis Engineering, Inc.
  • North Branch Construction, Inc.
  • Northpoint Engineering
  • Pellettieri Associates
  • Pennoyer, Sheldon
  • Placework
  • Pollock, Robert W.  Jr.
  • Poole Professional Ltd.
  • RPF Environmental
  • Reno Design Group
  • Richards, Fred
  • Rowley Agency, The
  • Samyn-D'Elia Architects
  • Simchik Planning and Development
  • Solution Health
  • Stibler Associates
  • Swedberg, Nicholas
  • TMS Architects
  • TRC Companies
  • Temple, Town of
  • Tighe and Bond
  • Udelsman Associates
  • Vanasse Hangen Brustlin
  • Warrenstreet Architects
  • Winter Holben Architecture and Design
  • Woodburn & Company Landscape Architecture LLC