Derek D. Lick

Derek D. Lick

Board Member Since 2020

Where do you live:

Sutton, NH


Orr & Reno


Attorney, Member

Role as a Board Member:


Why You Wanted to be on the Board:

Plan NH’s mission aligns perfectly with my professional and personal interests. As an attorney, I have practiced in the area of land use and real estate development for more than two decades. On my own time, I serve as chair of my local zoning board and volunteer for the local rail-trail group, Friends of the Concord-Lake Sunapee Rail Trail. Like others associated with Plan NH, I am passionate about using thoughtful design and planning to develop prosperous communities that make the most of their unique historic, cultural and natural resources.

Any Additional Information About Yourself You’d Like to Share:

Having been born and raised on the great plains of Kansas, I am continually in awe of many things that New Hampshire natives may take for granted – the historic town centers, the granite rock walls marking old farming fields, the scenic mountain vistas, the vast woodlands, the fall foliage, and even the many historic homes and other structures built before home state of Kansas was even a state.  I love it all!