The Art of Strategic Questions – On-Line Workshop Series

In complex situations with lots of unprecedented changes, the answers we had yesterday may not be the ones we need to navigate into the future. Framing a powerful question can lead to fresh responses and innovative solutions.


Join this on-line workshop series, to build your skills in framing questions, which can be useful in meeting design, stakeholder engagement, strategic and design thinking, coaching/mentoring, and reflecting on experience to gather insights.

Beth Tener will be facilitating. She brings over 30 years of experience working with people to put their environmental and social justice values into practice in their organizations, communities, and personal lives. She is passionate about  the power of strategic questions and uses them all the time. You can read more in these blogs on her web site: Strategic Questions.

This is a three-session series on Zoom. You can register for the whole series or just one or two sessions.  Register here. (Click on the first event, May 17, if you’d like to register for the series.)


The Art of Strategic Questions – May 17, 12-2pm

Questions that Get Us Out of the Box – June 1, 12-2pm

Questions that Invite Meaningful Participation – June 14, 12-2pm


Feel free to email Beth with questions or if you’d like to offer this training within your organization, network, or community: 


Jun 01 2022


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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