NH Municipal Technical Assistance Grant (MTAG) Program

The next round of applications is due May 6, 2019.

Peterborough residents gathered in the ConVal High School cafeteria on Thursday, Oct. 7, 2016, to exchange ideas about the future of zoning and development in Peterborough. (Brandon Latham / Monadnock Ledger-Transcript)

Does your community need more choices in places to live – but zoning is preventing them?  Perhaps you want a mixed -use downtown or neighborhood,  or multi-family homes – but your current zoning prevents it.  Or people may be looking for denser neighborhoods of smaller homes, but current zoning does not allow it

The MTAG Program may be assistance you need.

Funded by New Hampshire Housing and  administered by Plan NH,  the  MTAG Program is for New Hampshire communities who want to expand options for places to live (eg, by location, and/or design and/or price-point) and need to change their zoning regulations in order to do so.  Grants range from $5000 to $20,000.  A 25% cash match is required.

Grant funds are for hiring consultants to review current regulations and re-writing what’s there and/or creating new ones to address the wants and needs of the community’s members regarding housing choices.

A key part of the program is community outreach and engagement in the process.


Go here for more info and application materials:

Plan NH Municipal Technical Assistance Grant Program 2019

Please give us a call at 452-7526 if you’d like to find out more for your own community.


Communities for the 2018-19  round are Exeter, Claremont and Hopkinton.

All of the zoning changes that Jackson proposed passed Town Meeting in 2019.

Dover, Farmington,  and Rochester are currently in progress/almost complete.

Candia was selected in 2017 and is complete.

In 2016, the towns of Boscawen, Franconia, Hinsdale, and Peterborough were selected to each receive a grant for technical assistance in reviewing, rewriting or creating new zoning regulations to increase options for places to live for households with changing and/or diverse needs and income levels.

  • In Boscawen, funds were used for technical assistance to combine several zoning districts into a single, multi-use (including places to live) zoning district in its major travel corridor.
  • In Franconia, funds were used for technical assistance to guide the process of developing consensus-based zoning amendments that support increased choices in places to live in and round the town’s center – while addressing the physical and infrastructure challenges that are often barriers to providing more homes and businesses.
  • Hinsdale’s grant funds were used to remove regulatory barriers to provide more options for its residents for places to live, employment opportunities and transportation choices.  The Town voted for a tiny house ordinance.
  • Peterborough created regulations for a new village node, which includes workforce housing and other additional types of places to live.