Scholarship & Fellowship

Plan NH’s Scholarship and Fellowship Program, in partnership with the NH Charitable Foundation, recognizes and honors outstanding students who call New Hampshire home and who are studying a field that supports our mission:  to “foster excellence in planning, design and/or development of New Hampshire’s built environment.”

Scholarship Featured Image

Illustrations Courtesy of Lincoln, NH Charrette


This may include, but not necessarily be limited to: ​

• Architecture

• Architecture-Landscape

• Art / Fine Arts

• Construction Management

• Engineering

• Environmental Studies

• Historic Preservation

• Interior Design

• Planning

Plan NH administers its scholarships and fellowships through the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s universal online scholarship application.

The deadline for students to submit applications and to be considered for PLAN NH scholarships and/or fellowships will be April 16,  2021 at 5 PM.

For assistance with the application, please reach out directly to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation at either (603) 225-6641 Ext. 2 or

Applications will be due April 16, 2021 at 5 PM

2020 Recepients

Congratulations to the 2020 recipients of a Plan NH Scholarship or Fellowship Award, who together received over $26,000 in funding:

Mohammad Alhamdan

Mechanical Engineering

Niroj Bhattarai

Civil Engineering @ UNH

Crystal Giard

Architecture @ Syracuse

Marina Ngalua

Civil Engineering @ UNH

Jordan Peck

Architecture @ Roger Williams

Hannah Perry

Architecture @ Wentworth

Sheldon Rogers

Architecture @ Norwich

Logan Stevens

Civil Engineering @ UNH

Val Vaitones

Art @ NE Institute of Art

Samuel Johnson

Architecture @ Wentworth

Megan Pelissier

Architecture @ Norwich