The Membership of Plan NH is comprised of architects, landscape architects, engineers, planners, building and real estate professionals, lawyers, financial and insurance firms and others with an interest in the built environment and its impact on the health and vibrancy of a community.

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Member Benefits

Plan NH membership for one year

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Platinum Membership is for companies (or individuals) that want to support Plan NH at the highest level.


additional benefits:


Gold Membership is for companies (or individuals) that want to support Plan NH at a high level.



additional benefits:


Corporate Membership is for companies with 4 or more employees that want to support Plan NH and enjoy the benefits for multiple staff members.


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Individual/Small Business

This membership level is for individuals and small companies with 3 or less employees.



This membership level is for non-profit organizations and representatives of towns and cities.



Students looking to stay informed about the community development field in New Hampshire are invited to join Plan NH for free.


Why Become a Plan NH Member?

The most frequent reason named for becoming a member is that Plan NH offers many business development and networking opportunities that are cross-disciplinary, yet all with a focus on sustainable planning, design and/or development. It is a very open and sharing environment.

Plan NH has a Vision of a New Hampshire that is vibrant and healthy for its people, its economies and the environment. As a Member you will be part of a community of people working to achieve that vision, a visible champion for what it takes to get there.

Plan NH is a non-profit organization that requires a solid financial foundation for the infrastructure that is critical for developing and implementing programs to carry out the mission. For this we rely on our earnings from membership, donations and other fundraising. Your membership would contribute to that support, and demonstrate your interest in a healthy link between the built environment and the vibrancy of the community.