Plan New Hampshire fulfills its mission through promoting Smart Growth and other sustainability principles via the Community Design Charrette Program, Scholarships & Fellowship, Merit Awards and the InvestNH Municipal Planning & Zoning Grant Program.
Franklin Falls Charrette

Illustrations Courtesy of Franklin Falls Charrette

Charrettte Featured

Charrette program

The Community Design Charrette program – an exercise in which local citizens and Plan NH volunteers come together to explore potential solutions to planning or design issues in individual New Hampshire towns.

Scholarship Featured

scholarship & Fellowship Program

Scholarship & Fellowship programs that support students from New Hampshire who are studying in a field related to the Mission.

Merit Awards Featured

merit awards

Recognition of outstanding examples of work that reflects Plan NH’s Mission through a Merit Awards program.

MTAG Featured

planning & zoning grants

The InvestNH Municipal Planning & Zoning Grant Program offers financial assistance to communities looking to expand local housing options.

MTAG Featured


The Municipal Technical Assistance Grant Program, offering financial assistance to communities who wish to expand housing options.