Community Design Charrette Program

Does your downtown, or a significant neighborhood in your community, need a change? Perhaps to become more walkable, or appealing? Is there too much through traffic – or not enough? Maybe you want to make it more lively, or make it once again the place that says “This is my town.” A Plan NH Community Design Charrette may be the assistance you need.

charrettes taking place this year:
sunapee, NH - april 12-23. 2024
newmarket, NH - October 18-19, 2024
Barnstead NH Charrette

Illustrations Courtesy of Barnstead, NH Charrette

What is a design charrette?

A Plan NH charrette brings together diverse professionals to brainstorm recommendations to address challenges a community faces. Over a two-day period, the team visits the “target area” (eg, downtown or significant neighborhood), talks with community leaders and members, and develops recommendations based on what they have seen and heard and also on their own professional knowledge of ideas and trends that could contribute to healthy and vibrant communities.

Upcoming charrettes:
Reviewing Charrette Plans

A Plan NH Charrette may be the assistance your community needs!

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