Monadnock Mills No. 2 and No. 6, Claremont.


Considered the most important buildings in Claremont’s historic mill district, these two buildings now form one rehabilitated structure that successfully maintains the integrity of the old features while incorporating modern necessities. In addition, site elements connect the building with the river and also with other parts of the mill district.

This mixed-use project (restaurant and hotel, office spaces)with convenient pedestrian access forms a critical mass that should energize existing and future development. As stated in the application:

The project exemplifies a classic public/private development with the three building owner/tenants working with the City to expand the boundaries of the project to include stronger pedestrian connections, vibrant public spaces, improved infrastructure, and pedestrian safety. The project took an abandoned area of the downtown and provided an opportunity for additional jobs.

The jury commented that this is a “high quality restoration that turned a serious liability for the town into an asset [and] reinforces the fabric and vitality of downtown Claremont.”