Hawk Talk | Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & Community Planning

In the mid-forties, psychologist Abraham Maslow introduced his Hierarchy of Needs, a graphic showing that as humans, our basic needs for survival are physiological:  water, food, protection from the elements.  Once those are met, we worry about safety.  Then, connections with other people.  Maslow then goes on to talk about spiritual needs and self-actualization.

In this Hawk Talk, we will examine the three essentials for humans to live:  physical needs, safety, and connections with others, and explore how these might be used as a guide in thinking about our communities going forward.  How can we use this thinking to make our towns and neighborhoods even stronger?  How can we use this to make everyone feel that they belong?


Featured Speaker

Please join Plan NH’s Robin LeBlanc for what will be an interesting and lively conversation.

Robin LeBlanc is the Executive Director of Plan NH.  She has a deep interest in the future of our New Hampshire communities, and how community planning and the built environment can contribute to their health and vibrancy.

Robin has a diverse educational background, which includes an MBA from SNHU.  She was awarded an honorary membership in AIA-NH in 2019 in recognition of her work.


Aug 04 2020


9:00 am - 9:30 am

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