Hawk Talk Series | Air Quality in Inside Spaces

Business owners, building owners, municipalities and others are grappling with how to keep those who enter their indoor spaces safe.  What measures can be implemented to reduce the risk of virus and other particulates of spreading throughout our buildings?  Where do they come from? Is there a best way to capture, eliminate or kill them?

This “Hawk Talk” (a short half-hour) will look at measures that can be implemented to minimize risk.

Tom Betteridge,  PE, VP of Mechanical Engineering at the HL Turner Group, will address the above questions and talk about the role of Indoor Air Quality and Building Systems.  While there is no “silver bullet”, there are items and ideas which we should all be considering to reduce our exposure to pathogens and increase our vitality.

For architects, engineers, municipal staff and others who are part of the future state of our buildings and lives.

This Zoom event is offered at no cost to attendees.  (Bring your own coffee!)


Jun 02 2020


9:00 am - 9:30 am



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