Walking Tour: Building Homes & Creating Value in Downtown Manchester – 5/16/24

Living in Downtown puts you in the heart of the city with a unique level of convenience. Everything is at your fingertips, and you can easily walk to shops, restaurants, and other amenities. You can connect to public transportation and bike or get around on foot, reducing the need for a car. Downtown living is very desirable to residents of all ages for the vibrant nightlife, cultural events, and attractions. Downtowns contribute a high density of economic activity and a concentration of opportunity for a more diverse and inclusive population.

Of course creating new housing units in Downtown districts has challenges, too. Building codes have changed over time, structures and uses may be obsolete, brownfield issues may arise as well as stormwater concerns and clashes in the neighborhood over traffic and parking. These all weigh on the financial feasibility of downtown sites and add challenges to office-to-residential conversions.

This fascinating walking tour will showcase several current residential projects in Downtown Manchester, NH – making up a total of 850 housing units. You will get the inside story of the public-private cooperation and support it takes to tackle the housing crisis head on, tools you can use in your developments and communities, and strategies to address challenges and overcome obstacles. You will connect with others who focus on residential development, downtown economics, revitalization of the heart of New England cities, and bringing experience and solutions to the table.

This event is being organized by Plan NH in partnership with ULI Boston/New England. Speakers include representatives from Fuss & O’Neill, Market Square Architects, New Hampshire Housing, and the City of Manchester. 

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Perfect for: Planners, Economic Developers, Housing Officials, Architects, Developers, Real Estate Professionals, and others. CEUs through AIA and APA pending approval.

Thank you to our event sponsors: Fuss & O’Neill, New Hampshire Housing, NHSaves, and LMG.


May 16 2024


2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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