Webinar | Designing for Covid and Beyond

Designing for social distancing (and more)

Health and well-being have always been a priority in the built environment’s planning and design community.  The current pandemic has revealed where it is working, where it is not, and what might be possible.

Assuming that we do have to think differently about planning and design going forward – both for the short –term as well as the longer term –  what is it that planners and designers  are considering to address design that supports our human need to be with others, but acknowledges that there needs to be distancing?

Some key points:

  • How will we design for gathering in the future?
  • Finding a balance between personal and communal space
  • Considering the healing properties of nature
  • What is the role of wider sidewalks to address concerns about the pandemic
  • What are some faster, quicker, cheaper solutions to address public ways – including those in relation to street and streetscape design
  • How can tactical urbanism interventions be used to experiment?


This webinar is for municipal staff and leaders, as well planners, designers and builders who shape our New Hampshire’s  places.


Jul 09 2020


12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

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