Keeping the Focus on Architectural Integrity

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Anyone who has made the mistake of “biting off more than they can chew” would gladly avoid suffering the consequences of making the mistake again. Of course, it’s difficult to say “no” to new business opportunities that knock.


Architecturally unique homes and commercial building projects require special materials and attention to fine details that cannot be mass-produced or rushed through production. Never is the lack of resources or demand for expediency a reason to cut corners. Specially skilled subcontractors and craftsmen need to be available at the right times during various construction phases. Items like rare woods and custom metal fabrications take time to acquire.


Architect and Builder Collaboration


We decided many years ago that Meridian Construction’s growth had to be strategic in nature because spreading service and quality too thin will quickly erase any short term gains in project volume. We made a firm commitment to limiting the number of projects we handle at any given time. This would serve clients in the short term and our company in the long term.


Overstressing teams and missing project benchmarks for lack of capacity is never an option, and while we have had to turn potentially lucrative work away, following this principle serves our clients and employees best, as well as the many architects who work closely with us.


Our financial strength provides leverage in minimizing procurement lead times and cost premiums. This strong financial position gives Meridian the advantage in competitive labor situations and tight supply markets.

Architect Vision Made Real


Achieving the architect’s vision and the owner’s goals takes advanced planning as well as having relationships with the right specialty contractors needed to meet quality expectations. Design architects are invited to keep in contact with our teams during all project phases. The improvements we sometimes make together, even while the job is progressing, have delighted our clients on several occasions.


We’ll offer an example. The ability to first deconstruct and then reconstruct a family’s summer estate with reclaimed structure and materials into a mansion on a prized Lake Winnipesaukee property was made possible in a few short seasons because of Meridian’s business model.


The architect’s continuous collaboration during construction kept the design vision clear and resulted in the owner writing to us, “We are enchanted with this home, and cannot thank you enough for assembling the team of professionals who brought our dream to life. You and Meridian have been a pleasure to work with from beginning to end…”


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