Plan NH Hires New Executive Director

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(Portsmouth, NH) THE PLAN NH Board of Directors is pleased to announce the hiring of Executive Director, Tiffany Tononi McNamara. Tiffany is a graduate of University of Detroit Mercy with a Masters of Community Development.


“I’m excited to be a part of the next chapter of Plan NH’s vision,” said McNamara, “and can’t wait to get started.”


Executive Director for Plan NH
Tiffany Tononi McNamara, Plan NH Executive Director

Most recently Tiffany worked as the Foundation & Grant Coordinator for the Otto Schoitz Foundation, a foundation established to support the health and wellbeing of the local community through grant making. Over 127 grants totaling $7.1 million were awarded during her time at the Foundation. 


Prior to Tiffany’s work with the Otto Schoitz Foundation, she served as the first Neighborhood Engagement Manager for the City of Plano, one of the largest suburbs in the country with a population of more than 280,000. Tiffany managed a division within the Neighborhood Services Department and directly oversaw a planning team focused on neighborhood engagement, capacity building, and leadership development for resident leaders. Their work aimed to support greater neighborhood self-sufficiency and resilience as well as to better connect neighborhood leaders to the City. 


In addition, Tiffany developed a wide range of community planning and development skills for Urban Neighborhood Initiatives (UNI), a Detroit nonprofit. She led an intensive participatory planning process resulting in a strategic quality of life plan for the neighborhood that the organization served. This plan addressed important needs identified by the community, ranging from economic development and housing to education and arts and culture. 


“We are confident that Tiffany will be a great asset to the organization,” said Brian Gehris, President of the Board of Directors for Plan NH. “She is incredibly motivated and understands what Plan NH is looking to  achieve,” he says. “Her vision is clear and she has a track record of turning big ideas into reality. The Board of Directors is excited to introduce Tiffany to the Plan NH community”


Former Executive Director, Robin LeBlanc, continues to serve as a liaison and is assisting Tiffany as she transitions into this new role. Having been such a huge component to the Plan NH community for many years, you can expect to find Robin assisting with upcoming charrettes and other events across New Hampshire. We are excited to still have Robin as a dedicated partner to the organization and are wishing her all the best.