Charrette Volunteers Needed for Allenstown!

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The Allenstown charrette needs YOU:
   make a difference for this New Hampshire community!
September 30 10:30 AM  – October 1, 2016 4:30 PM

What Happens at a Plan NH Charrette?  The team gathers, explores the target area and listens to the town leaders and citizens.  The citizens talk together about why this is important and what they would like to see.  It is a time of discovery.  Based on what it has seen and heard, the team then brainstorms and develops recommendations to achieve the vision the town has for itself and the target area.

Charrette Volunteer Presents a Recommendation.
Community participation is key to a strong future.
Community participation is key to a strong future.
Where is the Charrette? This project is in the Allenstown portion of Suncook Village. The town has asked Plan NH to “identify strategies for revitalization and economic growth that will support and enhance the community character of Allenstown. It is anticipated that the charrette will explore existing and prospective uses through the lenses of zoning, infrastructure, social forces, community vision, the Master Plan and other perspectives an attempt to understand how the area can realize its highest and best use within the context of Allenstown’s community character” (from the application.)

How can I help? Plan NH is currently seeking volunteers to be part of this project and to assist in developing recommendations for the town. All are welcome to participate, from students to interns to seasoned professionals.  We can always use people who draw, photographers, and other support as well.

**Especially still needed are landscape architects, planners, and  brownfields engineers.**

What is the Commitment? The commitment is for late morning Friday through late afternoon Saturday, with perhaps a couple of hours following that for a bit of writing.  Your time and talent are donated, your return is immeasurable.

Interested? Contact: Team Leader, North Sturtevant of JSA Architects.  
To volunteer, or ask questions contact him at,
with a cc to

YOU can be part of this.
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