Complete Streets Events in Your Community

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Complete Streets Multimodal Event Coming to a Community Near You

The NH Complete Streets Coalition is holding Complete Streets Multimodal Events in nine regions throughout the state.

The public is invited to attend and find out why 30 states, including all New England states except New Hampshire, as well as more than 600 counties and municipalities have adopted Complete Streets policies to help improve the quality of life for their citizens, from healthier kids to more independent seniors.

Each event will provide an opportunity to learn about complete streets, watch a video of a complete streets demonstration in one of our New Hampshire towns, then go outside to experience it by taking a stroll, riding a bus, or joining a short bicycle ride with one of our volunteers.

Visit Bike-Walk Alliance of NH for more information about the events, including dates and to find one closest to you. Please contact Rebecca Harris if you have questions or would like more details about the events: