NH Municipal Technical Assistance Grant (MTAG) Program 2017-18


If your community is finding that your housing options are not meeting the needs of your citizens, and you need assistance in determining what needs to be done, the MTAG Program might be for you.

The MTAG Program’s purpose is to provide funds, through a competitive application process, to assist communities that want their zoning regulations to support housing options for the diverse and changing needs of their citizens.

  • Grants range $2,500 to $10,000
  • A 25% cash match is required
  • Grants may be used for planning consultants (including RPC’s) to assist in
    • Evaluating current regulations and determining the need(s) for changes/additions
    • Creating or amending current regulations
  • A portion of each grant MUST be used for outreach and community input on the project.

Full information and the 2017 application instructions are available here:

NH MTAG Program Description and Application Materials 2017-18

Applications are due April 5, 2017.

In 2016, the towns of Boscawen, Franconia, Hinsdale, and Peterborough were selected to each receive a grant for technical assistance in reviewing, rewriting or creating new zoning regulations to increase options for places to live for households with changing and/or diverse needs and income levels.

  • In Boscawen, funds are being used for technical assistance to combine several zoning districts into a single, multi-use (including places to live) zoning district in its major travel corridor.
  • In Franconia, funds are being used for technical assistance to guide the process of developing consensus-based zoning amendments that support increased choices in places to live in and round the town’s center – while addressing the physical and infrastructure challenges that are often barriers to providing more homes and businesses.
  • Hinsdale’s grant funds are being used to remove regulatory barriers to provide more options for its residents for places to live, employment opportunities and transportation choices.
  • Peterborough is using its funding to create regulations for a new village node, which will include workforce housing and other additional types of places to live.