Hillsborough Design Charrette

Thank you to the individuals who donated their time, energy, and expertise for this charrette, and to all the community members who shared their insights about Hillsborough.

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Why did Plan NH come to Hillsborough?

In December of 2018, the Town of Hillsborough submitted an application for a Plan NH Community Design Charrette. The Town was seeking assistance in revitalizing its once-bustling town center. 


They wanted recommendations regarding:

• Improving the downtown

• Adding parking spaces

• How to make the town center more walkable


Plan NH’s Charrette Committee reviewed the application, and after

a visit to the Town, the application was accepted in February 2019.

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What the Community Told Plan NH

Two public listening sessions were held during the afternoon and evening of Friday, May 17th. The sessions served as an opportunity for the public to share their comments and ideas about the Hillsborough Downtown. Plan NH’s process encouraged participation and input from everyone in the room.

What do you see?

What do you want to see?

What else do we need to know?

Take a copy of the full report with you

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