6/24 Plan NH Heads to Nashua!

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June 24th & 25th the Plan NH Charrette Team (made of volunteers) will head to Nashua’s French Hill to work with town citizens & community leaders.

Live, work or play in Nashua? Join Us this weekend!

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We hope to see YOU there!

Where: Dental Connection31 Cross Street Nashua, NH 03604

Town Listening Sessions (we listen): Friday 6/24

Session 1: 3:30-5pm & Session 2: 6-8:30pm

Charrette Team Presentation: Saturday 6/25, 3:00pm



What is a Plan NH Community Design Charrette?

  • A 2-day workshop that  brings together a team of Plan NH volunteers with town/city community leaders, citizens, business owners and others.
  • A brainstorming exercise to develop design recommendations for a town center, neighborhood or place a town/city would like to change.
  • An opportunity for a community to explore its assets, challenges and values with the Plan NH team.

    Community participation is key to a strong future.
    Community participation is key to a strong future.

How can a Plan NH COMMUNITY DESIGN CHARRETTE help your community? Bring people together!

  •  A Charrette provides a conversation space for citizens, community officials and others to come together and discuss a place in your town.
  • The  Plan NH team will collect a cross-section of viewpoints, based on what they heard during the Charrette, and develop recommendations as to how your town might address particular challenges.
  • NOTE: Plan NH will NOT look at specific buildings in and of themselves. However, Plan NH would look at a building and develop recommendations as part of a larger study– of the the neighborhood or town center, for example.

Want to learn more? OR Have a Commmunity Design Charrette in YOUR town or city? Contact us!

Call: (603) 452-7526 OR Email: info@plannh.org