North Branch Construction Provides Jobsites with Heated Handwashing Units to Combat COVID-19

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Concord, NH) North Branch Construction recently updated their worksite handwashing stations to address the impending cold temperatures and winter weather without compromising access and compliance to COVID-19 health and safety measures aimed at keeping everyone working on their job sites healthy through the difficult months to come.

Each job site will receive a heated handwashing unit equipped with ambient-temperature running water and handwashing supplies for use by all admitted to a North Branch project site. An electric heater is installed in each unit, insulated with foam insulation, to ensure that all workers and visitors have access to running water and handwashing supplies on North Branch Construction jobsites throughout the winter.

Photo 1: Heated handwashing units built by North Branch Construction ready for deployment to the firm’s current project worksites.

Photo 2: Interior of heated handwashing unit built by North Branch Construction.

Author: Linda Provost, Marketing Manager