Reviving Small-Scale Development in America’s Cities

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A new era of incremental development is within reach for your community, if you can just bring about a few changes in who is allowed to do the work. You can play a part in that change by helping this new ebook reach as many people as possible.


“Unleash the Swarm: Reviving Small-Scale Development in America’s Cities,” illustrates the frustrating ways local people are barred from participating in building their own cities, leaving development in the hands of a few large, wealthy companies. There’s a swarm of small-scale developers just waiting for a chance to play a part—here’s why we should unleash them.



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You can view this ebook in-browser, or download it from the link above.


Don’t just read this ebook.


Share it with your local council, your county board, the movers and shakers in your area, and the small-scale developers who are doing their best to make your place stronger. Forward this email. Post the announcement to social media. Print it out and give it to a friend.


If these ideas reach the right people, it could launch your community into action.


Thanks for reading, and helping spread the Strong Towns mission!

—Lauren at Strong Towns