USDOT proposes to remove design restrictions on some roads to make them safer

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Community participation is key to a strong future.
Community participation is key to a strong future.

We are all – whether community planners, road designers, or just citizens – very aware of the frustrations of not being able to make so many of our US roads (those that run through our towns with 50 MPH speed limits or less – think Route 1, for example) safer for everyone, especially the myriad non-vehicle users of those corridors.

Now that may be changing.

As reported by Smart Growth America and elsewhere, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is proposing to eliminate 11 of 13 guidelines that, according to them, have minimal impact on the safety or operation of the street itself.

NOTE:  There is a public input period, open now and through December 7.  Please let FHWA know your thoughts.

To see the article from Smart Growth America, go here.  The link for public input is at the bottom of the article.